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Search Engine Optimization is a set of rules you can apply to your website so that it has more exposure and visibility to search engines. It is a web host that makes sure it's platform and services are all SEO-friendly in an attempt to give you the best chance at ranking in Google, etc..

Blurry Hosting's SEO Hosting comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee. All our servers are minimum 32 GB ram with dual CPU. We offer free migration if you choose to move your SEO hosting services with another hosting company. We provide complete setup if needed right from creating your accounts to installing Wordpress. If you prefer to setup yourself, we have some amazing tools like one click Wordpress installer and assign ip to assign all your IP's in just one click in 30 seconds. All of our SEO plans comes with cPanel/WHM which is the world's leading control panel. Our servers have a dedicated 100 mbps ports so your sites load with lightening fast speed. In SEO hosting, most hosting companies do not use SSD drives which causes heavy loads on Mysql database causing servers to go down. Due to this, sites get reindexed. However at Blurry Hosting we use SSD drives which gives amazing MySQL performance. Just give us a try, be suprised and feel the differnce!

Choose the Plan that fits your needs:

PlansDiskspaceBandwidth C Class IP's Price MonthlyOrder Now
Drizzle Plan5GB50GB5$5
Blurry Plan15GB150GB15$15
Hillstorm Plan30GB300GB30$30
Pouring Plan90GB900GB90$90
Snowy Plan200GB2000GB200$200


  • cPanelCpanel/WHM with Assign ip Plugin
  • One Click WordPress SetupOne Click WordPress Setup
  • Different Name Servers Can be created for Each C classDifferent Name Servers Can be created for Each C class
  • PHP 4 & 5 SupportPHP 4 & 5 Support
  • Unlimited MYSQL DatabaseUnlimited MYSQL Database
  • SoftaculousSoftaculous
  • Website BuilderWebsite Builder
  • 24/7 Technical Support24/7 Technical Support

Advantage of seo hosting

Individuals who are sufficiently concerned about web hosting or business on web, every one of them think about SEO hosting. There are a decent number of articles and surveys in the online and different diaries about the benefit of SEO hosting yet adjacent to every one of them, it can't be said for beyond any doubt that on the off chance that it is truly valuable. The method for being profited is not the same to all. It shifts from client to client and relies on upon the need of the client.

It is said that, the measure of cash contributed on SEO hosting, is completely qualified to do as such. Be that as it may, it is likewise critical to know the preferences and advantages of SEO hosting from a legitimate source. Bona fide and unbiased source is the most trusted approach to keep from taking any wrong choice. There is a typical presumption among the web hosts is that SEO hosting is just a method for expanding or making new connections. Be that as it may, this is a significant wrong thought. Like this, there are a thousand of wrong thoughts among the site has even among the capable clients.

SEO hosting is something by which the website admins interchange the spaces particularly C class IP hosting. After that these spaces are again utilized for the web hosting locales and for the various committed IP servers. By along these lines, there is the duplication of area and internet searchers and individuals can get most extreme connections for looking and getting their essential data.

If anybody again questions about the legitimacy of the administrations of SEO hosting, it is ideal to make certain by utilizing the very gadget by the individual himself. SEO hosting is renowned for its C class IP hosting. There are heaps of clients all through the world who have profited and have been effective in their business of web hosting. Reaching specifically with them can likewise be a decent method for getting data.

There is likewise another advantage of SEO hosting, that is the simple course of expense. It is not costly and reasonable for all sort of financial specialists. A study has been made on the expense and cost of hosting servers and it is demonstrated that, SEO hosting and C class IP hosting is very sensible of expense.

So it can be guaranteed that SEO hosting is truly usable furthermore ready to give the administration of most abnormal amount. In any case, the fulfillment relies on upon the clients. It can shift from individual to individual.

Payments Accepted

Online and offline payments through all major banks and platforms.

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